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Save Money. Improve Comfort. Make a Difference.

Utility costs are a worry for most families in East Kentucky. In our four-county region, over 7,800 households live on an income of less than $10,000 per year. Based on nationally recognized affordability guidelines, these households have less than $350 per month for housing costs, including utilities. The average family in eastern Kentucky pays $151 a month in energy costs in a traditional home. (By contrast, a family living in an energy efficient, HDA-built home pays $50 to $80 a month in utility costs.) These high energy costs in an economically-depressed region are why we offer homeowners a low-cost home energy analysis that identifies the best renovations and repairs to improve your home’s energy efficiency and reduce costs!

What Are the Benefits of a Home Energy Assessment?

Save Money

Typical HDA homeowners save $900 every year on their heating bills.

Improve Comfort

Energy improvements make your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Weatherization can also make your home and family healthier!

Make a Difference

Your energy improvements support the local economy by helping you keep more of your money to spend locally and by providing local jobs for local people.

We help homeowners save an average of 30% on their home heating and cooling costs, while becoming more comfortable in their homes year-round.

When Problems Begin ...

Homes tend to leak heating/cooling through the attic and basement.

Schedule an Energy Assessment

Our Energy Auditor can locate where your home is losing energy and costing you money. For just $50, our detailed analysis accurately shows you where your energy is being wasted. You decide which problems to address - pressure-free and no obligation!

Make Repairs/Upgrades (*optional, but recommended)

The HDA Home Repair crew is trained and certified to address problems like air sealing and blow-in or spray insulation. This helps improve your indoor air quality and heating efficiency. Affordable financing is available and gives you options when deciding on energy repairs.

Reap the Benefits

Any improvements you choose to make can increase the safety, value, and comfort of your home - and just as important, it can reduce your monthly energy costs.

Take the Heat Off Your Wallet With an Energy Audit!

Call 606-436-0497 and ask for Home Repair Specialist Linda Hall to schedule a home energy assessment today.

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